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Vision Isle was founded in 1999 inside the backyard cottage of its owners Carden and Osie Smith. The area was just large enough to fit one computer, a scanner, desktop printer, sandblaster and a pot belly stove for warmth.

Designing logos, retouching/manipulating photos, and sandblasting were our mainstay for the next year until we outgrew our space.

We then moved to our first suite located on Davis St. in San Leandro at the former power-house of a long-gone Caterpillar plant.


Within the next 2 years we had doubled in size and were allowed to knock down the adjoining wall to utilize the suite next door. 2,000 square feet seemed enormous at the time, however, within the next 5 years we had again outgrown our location.

We didn't move far though, just around the corner to Teagarden St. where we run our day-to-day printing operations in a 5,000 square foot facility that we call our second home.

With both owners having worked for large corporations in the past, Vision Isle was established with the intent of creating a lighter, more peaceful work atmosphere. We try to implore a positive work environment that is creative, fun, and somewhat like an island vacation where you WANT to go, rather than have to.

Work will always be work but if you love what you do, it's a great way to pass the time.

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